Why an Eclectic Blog?

Languages are at the core of our lives.

Our classes were born from a will to see people, share time and experience with them, to connect with an Eclectic bunch.

In our mother tongue or not, the words we use and how we put them together will have an influence on who we are and others’ perception of us.

Languages are the bridge to another culture, another literature, another history.

In our classes, we give you the tools to get that little bit further towards others.

On this blog, it is the chance to get personal.

Ever lived abroad? Share it with us.

Our environment shapes how we perceive the outside world: what does yours look like?

There is no judgement to be made. Impressions cannot be questioned. They are our very own.

So read on and connect.

Eclectically yours, N

3 categories

#Where I live

Where we live can tell something of who we are. Tell us what makes your neighbourhood, your community truly special for you. Good addresses or excellent vibes: it is all very personal!

Où nous habitons influence la personne que nous sommes. Dites-nous ce qui fait de votre partie du monde un endroit à découvrir. Bonnes adresses ou bonnes ondes : à vous de voir ce que vous souhaitez partager!

#First Days

You have lived or are living in a country which is not the one where you were born. The change, the adjustments, the surprises, left an unforgettable impression on your life. Tell us.

Vous avez vécu ou vivez dans un pays différent de celui de votre naissance. Les changements, l’adaptation, les surprises ont laissé leur empreinte sur votre vie. Racontez-nous.

Beautiful illustrations by Martin Le lapin

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