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At Eclectic Minds, exchanging and sharing are at the heart of our objectives. By creating this blog, we want to give you the chance to share the beauty of your environment or (re)discover places from the eyes of an Eclectic Minder.

Noémie teaches French and English with Eclectic Minds.

She lives near Church Street, close to Edgware road, London and shares her best tips and good addresses in this part of the city.

Beautiful illustration by Sengflo

#whereIlive in English

North west London has been my home for the last 15 years. We made this area the base of our family and settled for good in the Church Street area.

Church street is not really an area as we know them, a borough. The name in itself does not flow. It is a neighbourhood stuck between the Regent’s canal and Marylebone road, between Paddington and Marylebone stations. On the edge of St John’s Wood, Marylebone and Maida Vale: yet neither nor of these.

A typical London mixture of red bricks and newly builds

A daily market surrounded with shops selling anything and everything.

Smells of food, ovens, and the haberdashery, royal supplier.

Kids, everywhere. And people at all times.

Seagulls against all odds giving the place a sense of exotism

The ping-pong tables in the middle of the square to sit on or to play.

The library amongst the city garden.

The randomness, sometimes, making us all fit in.

All this made us feel at home.

And the people. The people selling you fruits and veg at the market, the postman, the neighbours, the parents from school: the village in the big city.

Should you feel like doing the touristic walk from Camden market to Little Venice (highly recommended) do follow Lisson Road towards the Church Street sign.

Turn right into Church street and look up.

Alfie’s Antique Market will dazzle your eyes with their galleries of bling, stuff and beauties! Keep going to the top: The Rooftop Kitchen offers the perfect stop for lunch, brunch, coffee-and-cake break. Enjoying your meal inside or out, this gem of a cafe is worth traveling for!

This end of the street has a long tradition of Antique dealers which we can still see through the beautiful windows. They have evolved in the 10 years we have been living here and vey much hope they will stay forever. They made me realise how much being surrounded by beautiful esthetic makes a difference in life. Even if sometimes slightly puzzling…

As you keep walking towards Edgware road the street becomes more popular. More noise, more people, more activity. The cafes with never-ending crowds, the million languages spoken, the birds: life is everywhere.

If looking up will reveal the blue sky (yes, blue) and interesting architecture, looking down will unveil the plaques dedicated to the history of the area and legacy it left.

The theatre the Cockpit will house the Voila Festival each year and some very good shows throughout the seasons.

Tim and his second-hand bookshop on Bell street are a mine of treasures.

And for the people on the lookout for French products like me, there is always Tipaza to quench the cravings of Kiri, coquillettes and sirop de menthe…

Reach Little Venice by going further all the way until the end of the street, by Paddington green and Sheldon Square.

Say hi to Paddington under the bridge, grab a coffee at the caravan, or a stronger drink at the Union pub.


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