Eclectic Minds language classes = Learning and Development policy + Well-being at Work

A case study of the collaboration between Eclectic Minds and the Lycee International de Londres (LIL, Wembley)

How our language classes benefit employees.

Offering language classes to employees is an amazing opportunity for business and team building exercises. However, it is often viewed as costing a lot of money for limited engagement.

Having taught French in a wide variety of offices throughout London, I found issues laid with:

the lack of time – meetings, of course, deadlines but also holidays and sick days got in the way. We cannot avoid these. But we could avoid paying for some parallel services.

the lack of motivation and focus – staying within the premises meant the mind stayed on work issues. Progress is hard to notice when challenges get in the way of the process.

which led to…

the lack of commitmentyou miss one and two classes… you feel you should know this, yet it does not stick… you do not feel that great about yourself: Numbers plummeted after a few weeks.

Typical situation: The classes were paid for by the company. And in the light of poor attendance, they were dropped.

It feels like a failure, yet no one is at fault.

Having a language class was not seen as pause in the day but as an added time-consuming activity.

What if the perspective was shifted? What if our employees could feel boosted by a language class thanks to the brisk walk to reach it, thanks to the brain workout it required and to the contact to others which helps with the release of endorphins?

If we have a look at the CIPD well-being model, we can see that each aspect is fulfilled by Eclectic Minds language classes.

Eclectic Minds has been conceived in order to resolve the issues previously listed:

People sign up for the classes they can attend. They make the conscious decision and physical movement to book the classes which suit them.

The classes last one hour and are either within the vicinity of the office or online.

Should they be close by, they will enable the participants to get outside, order a drink, meet new faces in a tiny group of maximum 5: Making it a real break in the day to move on afresh.

Meeting getting in the way? Holidays booked?  If no class is booked, no money is wasted.

The content of our one-hour classes is designed to go with this flexibility. It is our professional expertise to ensure that not only participants are learning and making progress in the target language but also to engage and practice in an enjoyable activity.

All sorts of happy hormones are released: Endorphins with the pleasure, dopamine for the success of the process and serotonin for the overall good times.

#CaseStudy1 – the Lycee International de Londres, Winston Churchill (LIL)

When we started collaborating, we had a very traditional set-up.

LIL wanted to offer their English-speaking staff the opportunity to learn or improve their skills in the French language.

A teacher came to the Lycee once a week for 2 hours and delivered classes for two academic years.

In summer 2019, we discussed the changes to an Eclectic Minds setup.

From then on, the staff would purchase an amount of sessions on the Eclectic Minds website and use the credit when and where suited them.

It is up to the company to decide whether they want to refund a portion or the whole cost. In this case, LIL would then refund their staff 100% of the cost.

The results are speaking for themselves.

Each year a high number of people showed interest in attending the classes and filled in our questionnaire to determine their level. By the end of June, only a handful were still attending classes.

September 2017 – 14 people showed interestJune 2018 – 29% still attending the French classes
September 2018 – 12 people showed interestJune 2019 – 50% still attending the French classes
Traditional approach over two academic years 2017-2019

The teacher also ended up coming a couple of times for nothing. This is no rare story in these situations. In this traditional set up, money is spent on the time, effort, and exclusivity of the classes.

However, when we moved to an Eclectic Minds set up, a café nearby was found, and people had to purchase their own pack and sign up to classes they could attend.

September 2019 – 21 people showed interest9 purchased their pack to get started June 2020 – 78% still attending
The Eclectic Minds approach – 2019/2020

LIL invested in the motivation of its staff and offers a solution to exemplify confidence and responsibility in its employees.

LIL has saved 50% of its investment by changing the setup.

“the positive outcome of the change of setup is that staff have taken ownership of their learning and it means there are no wasted opportunities”

LIL Human Resources

It proves more cost-efficient to invest in the people and let them make the decisions suited to them.

Either way, the element of faith entrusted to the employee by a company is key to empowering people to make decisions for themselves and therefore build high-standards professional ethics.

To continue this conversation, get in touch.

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