Eclectic Minds: why and how.

Eclectic Minds was launched in Oct 2015 after a lot of thinking, reflecting, jotting down and scribbling. Now is the time to explain in better details how it all fits in.

Language classes for adult, the flexible way

Eclectic Minds : le pourquoi et le comment

Eclectic Minds a été lancé en Octobre 2015 après moults réflexions, notes et ratures. Il est temps de montrer l’envers du décor au grand jour.

Des cours de langues pour adultes à la sauce flexible

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#Learning in English

Learning is a serious matter.

We all do it on a daily basis, whether we realise it or not. The word LEARN carries a heavy load linked to school memories, teachers, homework, sheer efforts.

We ask our children to learn their lessons, our interns they learn from experience. When is the last time we conscientiously took the time and made the effort to get out and learn?

Learning is the key to feel less dumb. It is the key to focus your mind on a given topic. It creates good hormones and transforms the brain. It will help fight the fight against degenerative diseases and as much as society puts an emphasis on physical exercise, doesn’t the saying go


The scientific definition of intelligence is the capacity to adapt. How do we adapt of not by learning, observing, integrating, processing, making mistakes?

We all have the ability to learn. Whatever our academic history, learning is within reach. We can all inverse the vicious of


Into a positive spiral


Language learning is a serious matter at Eclectic Minds.

We believe you don’t have t follow a set path to reach your objectives. We trust digressions to take us along unknown paths we will learn to deal with it along the way.

Languages are the vector to achieve something else.

Our students all start with a blank notebook. We will build the content together according to a mutual trust and agreement.

We ensure our sessions are a mix of active and passive learning. We provide the basics to enable our learners to express themselves, to empower people to question, discover and gain in accuracy, to clarify their perception.

We take learning seriously because it can the answer to escape an unwanted situation, to dream of foreign lands, to reach new friends, to open doors.

We consider everything to be opportunities to learn, to feel less stupid. That’s the reason why anything can be considered homework: From watching a film, writing a story to visiting an exhibition.  

School is done. Let’s show the kids that it does not mean that we are.


#Apprendre en Français

#Apprender en Español

This post is not translated in another language. Translate this one and another in your mother tongue and receive a credit in return!

Eclectic Minds

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