#Shoreditch #London #UK by Emily

At Eclectic Minds, exchanging and sharing are at the heart of our objectives. By creating this blog, we want to give you the chance to share the beauty of your environment or (re)discover places from the eyes of an Eclectic Minder.

Emily has been learning French with Eclectic Minds for a couple of years. She lived in London and shares her best tips on a good weekend in and around Shoreditch.

Beautiful illustration by Martin le Lapin

#whereIlive in English

Shoreditch has seen a cultural evolution over the years, and is now a mesh of cockney east end classics, art and culture, and high end fashion and technology. Here’s an ideal Saturday Sunday to get a flavour for the best of it all


Mooch around Spitalfields market (near Liverpool Street) and eat at one of the great pop up restaurant spaces inside (I love Berber & Q)  or just outside it at Ottolenghis (have a delicious salad and then just TRY to resist their cake). 

Book a grafitti tour around Shoreditch and get snap happy on Instagram. 

Box park (just outside Shoreditch High Street Station) has lots of cute pop up shops  . Pick up a funny souvenir at The Gift Box , or fantasise about your future house in Decorum 

Cross over the road and head to Pizza East. Not only does it do great pizza, but it has a hidden club downstairs with lighthearted fun 90s fuelled dance nights.  Have a proper bagel at Beigel Bake, another true east end experience. It’s open 24 hours and equally good whether you’re mooching through the market with a cream cheese bagel or stumbling there after a night out for a hot salt beef one. 


To experience the old school east end, get the tube to Bethnal Green and head for a proper English fry up at E Pellicci on Bethnal Green road. It’s an old fashioned ‘greasy spoon’ which has been open since 1900, is still run by the same family and truly feels like you’re stepping back in time and getting a feel of what this part of London used to be. 

Head to the flower market on Columbia road  and then the market on Brick Lane

Swing by the French/English bookshop ‘Caravanserail’  and the French bow tie shop Le Colonel Moutarde on Cheshire Street .

Step back into a time capsule and experience how previous generations would have lived here, pre graffiti and Instagram, at Dennis Sever’s House

Further down Brick Lane are curry houses galore for a cheap and cheerful dinner.

Or head towards Shoreditch High Street and eat the best meat you’ve ever eaten at Smokestak


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